San Antonio AC & Drain Cleaning Team

With so many cooking competitions and entertainment on TV now, as well as the endless library of recipes that exist online, people are staying at home and cooking their own meals more than ever.  You do not need to be a chef to end up using your sink regularly, but a good cook is always known to keep their workstation clean by making sure cooking utensils and vessels stay washed and ready to use.  So, it is no wonder that your kitchen drain clogs easily over time with all the grease, oil, soap, and more that eventually will build up in the pipes and cause a blockage or backup.

Although you may not initially think that this is a job for a professional, think again.  Consumers often want to save money by forgoing a pro plumber and buying some commercial brand drain cleaners at their local hardware stores, but there are many hidden dangers.  These products on the consumer market are filled with harsh chemicals; and if you take the time to read the label, it’ll often tell you that this drain cleaner is toxic and potentially lethal.  Any splash of the liquid onto your person could mean even getting blinded if it goes into your eyes.

So why would you want to risk a do it yourself plumbing fix when San Antonio Drain Cleaning & Air Con has a great range of cheap and reliable services ready when you need them.  We do drain cleaning, air con & HVAC, as well as an emergency plumber team to assist you after regular hours.  You won’t have to worry about going over budget because we keep our prices cheaper than the competition and offer a variety of deals, especially for our repeat clients.

If you have not already, you should look into a local emergency plumber.  When you own property, such as a home or business, then it is necessary to have a quick number to call in case of a main sewer line or main water line break.  When this happens, not only you, but your neighbors could have their safety at risk if repairs are not tended to right away and as a property owner you are mainly responsible.  Our local emergency plumbers at San Antonio Drain Cleaning & Air Con have the years of experience needed to get the job done safely every time, and as efficiently as possible so you can get on with the rest of your day or night.  Whether it be weekends, nights, or even holidays you can be sure that someone will answer the phone for your plumbing emergencies when you call us.

San Antonio also carries a full menu of air con and HVAC products that are energy efficient so you can easily save on utilities during the months.  And don’t worry if your current unit requires air conditioning repair service, then our team will work hard for you.  When you get in touch with our friendly staff at the office or our friends at – trane, carrier, goodman, mitsubishi, ducane, we will be receptive in answering your questions as well as scheduling an appointment in the near future.