Air Con & HVAC Cleaning and Repair Services

While a lot of people across the country may consider forgoing the use of air conditioning because of the rising cost of non-renewable energy, you would be surprised to find that in most cases, it actually costs more to heat your building during the winter than to cool your air in the summer. In addition, some folks may think that heating is more necessary than cooling, but the truth is that both are equally important for various health reasons.  For example, children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to heat exhaustion, overheating, or dehydration when temperatures start to rise.  Rotating fans may seem like a viable option, but often they just push around more hot air and use more energy than you would think to run several of those units.

That is why San Antonio Drain Cleaning & Air Con, in addition to drain cleaning and plumbers near you, have AC air conditioning repair and HVAC care services by local technicians that can offer you the most affordable of pricing options.  Did you know that even if you are not interested in purchasing a cheap but energy efficient model today, that you can still decrease your consumption waste?  When you get an HVAC tune up or air duct cleaning or other maintenance service, your wasted electricity could be solved as soon as today, with a visit from us that will be punctual and affordable for every budget.  Get in touch with our offices soon to set up an appointment or to get a free quotation.